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Other Books by Don Kirchner

#8 Best-Seller, The Denver Post, April, 2004
A Matter Of Time is a high-action drama and a gripping story of one man’s struggle through the underworld of drug smuggling and later through the federal justice and prison systems.

     A true story of the indomitable human spirit overcoming apparently hopeless odds, this is a story self-discovery and of the nature of personal shadows that imprison people on both sides of the walls and fences.

Fourth Edition planned for Fall 2023

Pre-release copies will be available at special price to Newsletter members

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Jewel front cover.png

Jewel Of Saigon is a novel based on the author’s personal experiences with a highly refined and cultured Vietnamese/French woman during his time in Vietnam as a combat helicopter pilot.

     A chance encounter between the two led to a soul-bonding that transcended the usual love relationships between two people, and affected the lives of people beyond them for decades afterward. This is a story of the transformative power of love beyond the usual romance novel.

Undergoing professional editing and planned

for release in Summer 2023

Pre-release copies will be available at

special price to Newsletter members

Don’s book, A Matter Of Time, has been adapted for a Motion Picture by a producer of 17 feature films, including Training Day, A Civil Action, Sliding Doors and Selena.
A screenplay has been written by Hester Schell and José Huguez, and awaits final rewrite and polish once a suitable director and lead actor are attached to the project.

Development and pre-production was

suspended due to COVID-19

Script is now being reviewed by several

mainstream and online (“Streaming”) film production companies, with expectations of a contract

sometime this year (2023).

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