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Excerpts From Beyond the Chaos

~ Be Inspired ~

Whether you are reading the whole book, or just opening to a page

for a message, Beyond The Chaos will inspire you.



From the Introduction:

Even the Dark Ages, which lasted 400 years, brought opportunities that eventually became the “Golden Years” of the Renaissance.The good news is that these dark times we’re in now won’t take us 400 years to get through...not even 40, if we’re willing to find ways to cooperate, and embrace the principles of common human decency that made this country truly great.

From Chapter One:

Respect is the ability to see and at least allow for others’ points of view without judging, qualifying or demeaning them in any way.The degree to which we can accomplish this, future historian’s will write is the degree to which we became a truly civilized society...or not, as the case may be.


From Chapter Two:

If one is able to step back in one’s mind far enough to see the bigger picture of their life, even the worst circumstances and darkest times can present opportunities that can lead to a higher purpose in life. Neither Gandhi nor Mother Theresa had a sense of their true purpose until they faced immense adversity, and the same was true of Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln. None of them had any idea of the heights of achievement they would accomplish without first finding their sense of purpose in life.



From Chapter Five:

Attitude defines, molds, and shapes who you are and how you make your way in the world. It even determines your state of health because how you look at life directly impacts your immune system by either enhancing or depleting your vital energy.  A negative attitude will drive away things that can help overcome physical, emotional or mental challenges.   Conversely, if you are strong, positive, grateful and good-natured, you will   attract people and circumstances that will encourage you and help you   succeed in life.

From Chapter Six: 

There is a place for honesty and truth at all levels of government, commerce, and religion...and in our individual lives. It should be at the very top of our priorities, but it has to start at the



individual level or it will never get to the higher levels. If enough of us are willing to tell and live the truth in our everyday lives and relationships, the ripple effect would change everything we know about our world.

From Chapter Ten:

Compassion in its purest form is one of the greatest attributes of the human spirit. It can disarm even the most threatening of people because it is among the most impactful of all human emotions. It is Love at its purest and deepest form. It cuts through the illusions and misguided notions that filter and distort our perceptions of one another. One can feel compassion because it’s genuine. It’s true caring, and willingness to be present for someone else, no matter what they say or do.

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