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Following are only a few of the numerous endorsements and testimonials received for all three books from test marketing efforts conducted and early distribution of A Matter Of Time (See “Interviews and Videos” for best reviews.)

Beyond The Chaos

A Matter Of Time

Jewel Of Saigon

“Of the (literally) thousands of meaningful books that I and, I might add, my 100 year-old mother, have read in our lifetimes, Beyond The Chaos is truly one of the most inspiring.”

– R. Thelen, Sedona, AZ


“I was at a local cafe when I noticed a man signing a small stack of books. I asked him about them, and he handed me one - Beyond The Chaos. I was so taken with the look of it, I bought it on the spot. I wasn’t disappointed. It’s an easy read. I’m inspired with every page. Very much needed for our times.

– Rita, Boulder, CO


“Without a doubt, A Matter of Time grips and thrills one as a page-turning, true story should! That deserves praise, but beyond and deeper, it belongs next to a work of such psychological and soulful substance as Viktor Frankl's, Man's Search for Meaning, on any worthy bookshelf!”

– F. Medina

Don Kirchner not only lived to tell this amazing true story, he is a phenomenal writer as well! I bought A Matter of Time while traveling and stayed up all night reading! I am an avid reader and have never felt so glued to a story as it unfolded.

– Will Gerber, Oceanside, CA


“Jewel Of Saigon is an astonishing gift of intimacy, passion and courage amidst one of the most gut-wrenching wars imaginable. Pulling you in page by page, through pain and pleasure, this wise young man's journey will illuminate you beyond any darkness. An absolute delight!”

– Laura Marcos, Sedona, AZ

“I was surprised by how much I enjoyed Jewel Of Saigon. Love stories don’t usually attract my attention, but this is so much more than just a love story. The develop-ment of the various characters was tremendous. I loved watching each character's true self revealed as the story line evolved.

– Douglas Barnard, Tucson, AZ

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