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About The Author

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Don Kirchner

A former combat helicopter pilot in Vietnam, Don Kirchner spent two and a half years in federal prison for his involvement with a large-scale marijuana smuggling operation in the mid-1980's. In over 25 years of work in prison and criminal justice reform since his release in 1988, Don has earned commendations from law enforcement and correctional authorities, and numerous government, civic and clerical leaders for his work in
assisting inmates in better understanding how to overcome adversity. 

Founder and Director of an Arizona nonprofit organization, Return To Honor Coalition, Don has written two books on turning adversity into personal

achievement. He travels extensively in his efforts to assist communities in redirecting juvenile and former adult offenders toward creating better, more meaningful lives and futures.

Don’s book, A Matter Of Time, has been adapted for a Motion Picture by a producer of 17 feature films, including Training Day, A Civil Action, Sliding Doors and Selena.
A screenplay has been written and awaits final re-write and polish once a suitable director and lead actor are attached to the project. A copy of the script is available upon request and approval.

  His recently completed third book, Jewel Of Saigon, is a novel based upon a memoir, and awaits final editing, review and publication.


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