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Beyond The Chaos is more than just a book...

Beyond Chaos front cover.jpg

It is a simple yet profound collection of stories, inspirations and writings that remind us of what is good and essential about being alive in today’s world that has become so complex and chaotic that we get lost in illusions about what is really important. Life is what is important...and how we choose to live each day that we get up, and what decisions we make as we go through each day.

    Do we make those decisions mindfully and with purpose, or do we merely default to the “same old, same old” habits of just getting by?  This book and many more books and stirrings of awakenings going on in the rest of the world is a part of something new and yet old…ancient wisdom and teachings that can show us a more illumined and inspired way to live our lives more creatively and meaningfully.
    Read the book and pass the word that there is a better way to live and have our Being on this planet. There is a way to live more conscientiously with present-day and future challenges. Together we can rekindle the spirit of working together before it’s too late and we become just another “ancient civilization” that didn’t make it. 

This is about the power and sanctity of the human soul and spirit, and how we can live to see Humankind flourish in our lifetime.
    With kindness and compassion that is as fierce and strong as the forces of divisiveness and fear that are raging in the world, together we can accomplish wondrous things.

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