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Books and a Feature Film in progress, by Don Kirchner

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A Matter Of Time is a high-action drama and a gripping story of one man’s struggle through the underworld of drug smuggling and later through the federal justice and prison systems. A true story of the indomitable human spirit overcoming apparently hopeless odds, this is a story self-discovery and of the nature of personal shadows that imprison people on both sides of the walls and fences.

Fourth Edition pending. Available in Spring 2021, online and in print.
Present edition available as

Collector’s Edition: $20.00, plus S&H.

Silver Edition, Limited Copies w/unique cover, signed, numbered and sealed.
$50, plus S&H. Only 350 remaining.

Price increases with each 50 sold.

Feature film in pre-development as a

major motion picture.

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Return To Honor is a compilation of essays on core values and principles of living that the author learned during his time in federal prison that enable him to turn his experience into achievement and success.

Simple yet profound lessons of truth and wisdom, this is a guidebook for anyone that’s easy to read with common sense tips and guidelines on how to turn adversity into personal freedom.

Galley prints available: $10, plus S&H (limited quantities in stock)

First Edition available in

Spring 2021: $15 plus S&H

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Jewel Of Saigon is a novel based on the author’s personal experiences with a Vietnamese/French woman during his time in Vietnam as a combat helicopter pilot.

A chance encounter between the two led to a soul-bonding that transcended the usual love relationships between two people, and affected the lives of people beyond them for decades afterward. This is a story of the power of love beyond what most people experience.

Pending final editing and

commercial publishing.

Expected release in Spring 2021.

Sample chapters available on request.


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Don’s book, A Matter Of Time, has been adapted for a Motion Picture by a producer of 17 feature films, including Training Day, A Civil Action, Sliding Doors and Selena.
A screenplay has been written and awaits final re-write and polish once a suitable director and lead actor are attached to the project. 



A Matter Of Time

"Without a doubt, A Matter of Time grips and thrills one as a page-turning, true story should! That deserves praise, but beyond and deeper, it belongs next to a work of such psychological and soulful substance as Viktor Frankl's, Man's Search for Meaning, on any worthy bookshelf!"

– F. Medina

"Don Kirchner not only lived to tell this amazing true story, he is a phenomenal writer as well! I bought A Matter of Time while traveling and stayed up all night reading! I am an avid reader and have never felt so glued to a story as it unfolded."

– Will Gerber, Oceanside, CA


"Don’s story is a compelling account of a life lived through strength of character and
passion as he works his way through the dark and tangled world of drug smuggling on a massive scale, and federal prison where he is everything most inmates distrust. The way he adapts, learns and grows through the process, and turns adversity into achievement is both astonishing and remarkable. Read this book if you want to see the human spirit in its finest form.

– O.G. Munson, Tupperville, OH

Return To Honor

"I happened to read a galley copy of Don Kirchner’s new book, Return To Honor, and I’m blown away how much information is packed into such a small book. This is a virtual handbook for how to life a good and decent life and free yourself from self-limiting beliefs. I could read this book a dozen times and not get tired of it."

– C.K. Munding, Phoenix, AZ


"A friend of mine shared a little book with me, titled Return To Honor. I had no idea what I was in for. It was nonstop, simple information that made total sense to me about how to make better choices about lives most common challenges. I could open it anywhere and enjoy the read. I’m going to order several copies as soon as they come out for friends and family."

– B. Nelson, Prescott Valley, AZ

"This is an awesome little book. So much content in such a small package. Common sense guidelines on how to simplify your life and get the clutter out of your head."

– D. Burke, Bellingham, WA

Jewel Of Saigon

"Jewel Of Saigon is an astonishing gift of intimacy, passion and courage amidst one of the most gut-wrenching wars imaginable. Pulling you in turn by turn, through pain and pleasure, this wise young man's journey will illuminate you beyond any darkness. An absolute delight!"

– Laura Marcos, Sedona, AZ

"I was surprised by how much I enjoyed Jewel Of Saigon. Love stories don’t usually attract my attention, but this is so much more than just a love story. The develop-ment of the various characters was tremendous. I loved watching each character's true self revealed as the story line evolved."

– Douglas Barnard, Tucson, AZ

"A truly soulful love story, Jewel Of Saigon captured my heart from the first chapter. It so thoughtfully depicts a boundless romance through the upheavals of war, struggle, heartbreak and personal growth. I could not put this book down, reading chapters upon chapters well into each night. It warmed my heart and inspired my soul that a love so pure and true exists and is possible for us all."

– Victoria Kramer, Napa Valley, CA



About the Author

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For inquiries please contact
Don Kirchner

A former combat helicopter pilot in Vietnam, Don Kirchner spent two and a half years in federal prison for his involvement with a large-scale marijuana smuggling operation in the mid-1980's. In over 25 years of work in prison and criminal justice reform since his release in 1988, Don has earned commendations from law enforcement and correctional authorities, and numerous government, civic and clerical leaders for his work in
assisting inmates in better understanding how to overcome adversity. 

Founder and Director of an Arizona nonprofit organization, Return To Honor Coalition, Don has written two books on turning adversity into personal

achievement. He travels extensively in his efforts to assist communities in redirecting juvenile and former adult offenders toward creating better, more meaningful lives and futures.

Don’s book, A Matter Of Time, has been adapted for a Motion Picture by a producer of 17 feature films, including Training Day, A Civil Action, Sliding Doors and Selena.
A screenplay has been written and awaits final re-write and polish once a suitable director and lead actor are attached to the project. A copy of the script is available upon request and approval.

  His recently completed third book, Jewel Of Saigon, is a novel based upon a memoir, and awaits final editing, review and publication.



A six-minute video clip of a 2-hour talk that Don gave to a large prison inmate audience in Nashville, Tennessee. It is of particular interest to note how intently many of the inmates pay attention to Don speaking. His impact was shown by the standing ovation he received. It was evident that the inmates were inspired by the fact that Don would come to the prison and spend that much time talking to them while helping them see a better outcome was possible.

Don's case was part of the largest drug smuggling bust at that time in Northern Florida history.

Chief Deputy U.S. Attorney, David L. McGee, who prosecuted the case, was also Head of the Combined Drug Task Force that captured, tried and convicted everyone involved.

This is what McGee had to say about the case.


Don has been interviewed by over a dozen network television and radio programs because of his work inside and outside of prisons to raise awareness of the need for meaningful change.

Featured here are a few of the best ones, including an interview in front of a live television audience on KOMO in Seattle, a major NBC network affiliate station that is worth the watch. Take 15 minutes and enjoy this informative, heartwarming and entertaining interview.


To see more interviews with Don, click here